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Women having sex Liverpool

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Hayley has been selling sex for 15 years.

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Because they're battling for business, because they're desperate to get crack. BBC Three. They sell sex to pay for their habits.

Some do it to pay for Christmas presents for the kids. Some Women having sex Liverpool pay the rent after getting their benefits cut. Michaela Edwards is a project manager for the charity Streetwise, which has a late-night van where sex workers can get condoms, food, drinks and emotional support.

She explains the low prices are a recent problem. Streetwise has been working in the area for 10 years.

Every weekend, they offer support to around 15 women, aged between 18 and Abuse and physical violence is rife on Sheil Road, with several rapes and attacks reported every Women having sex Liverpool to Streetwise, who then help victims contact the police or support services.

Some of the women try to rob their clients, further increasing the risk of violence Wo,en them. Us women, we have to sell our bodies for our habit.

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Having sex with different men, day in, day out. Michaela would like more support from the authorities.

Many of these women are extremely vulnerable and Women having sex Liverpool forced into this work because of difficult life circumstances. In the meantime, the women of Sheil Road continue to scrape a living under increasingly difficult circumstances. Sex Map of Britain: Four Pounds for Sex is available to watch on iPlayer now.

You can find information and support regarding sexual abuse and violence from these organisations. For support with addiction, these organisations can help.

Radhika Sanghani 7 March Share this: Copy this link. Liam has lived on Sheil Road for five years, and keeps an eye on the working girls.

Michaela Edwards, Streetwise. The police will be cracking down on abusive clients, particularly repeat offenders. Originally published 27 September Most Popular.

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