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Need some advice from the ladies cant cum a bj I Look Sex Chat

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Need some advice from the ladies cant cum a bj

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somee Performing fellatio and cunnilingus a. When both of you are experiencing oral sex at the same time, it can be a mutually ecstatic moment.

Now, before we proceed with the rest of the article, we assume that you know how to give a woman oral decently well. If Nede, you should definitely check out our article on eating a woman out here.

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qdvice Get her to straddle her legs around your chest, so that her vagina is right above your mouth. She can also take a break for a moment if things get too intense. Make sure both of you are using your hands as well as your mouth as well as you can.

Stroking, fingering, licking, sucking, lladies use all the tricks in your arsenal to maximize the pleasure for your partner. With this one, your girl starts lying down on the bed with her legs up and you straddle her chest facing the opposite direction.

Your genitals should be able to rest on top of her face, while you should be able to eat her out from the top.

For this variation, both you and your girl will start laying down, facing each other, with your heads on opposite ends so that you can give each other oral. This one takes a bit of time to get used to and master as it requires a good amount of coordination.

Get your girl to come from behind and over you, then bend down so she can perform oral on you. Your tge can support her legs on your shoulders, or if she has good coordination and core strength, you can simply rest your hands on her ass or wherever you please.

Her pussy should be right in front of your face at this point — you can go at it like a hungry dog now! If you want to get into the standing 69 afterwards, you can simply grab her legs and stand up!

As I mentioned earlier, being able to give oral like a pro is basically a prerequisite for doing 69 well. Once you can give oral soke pull off multiple variations of the 69 position on the girls that you sleep with, you might even find word spreading around and have to fight off unwanted advances from her friends.

It all depends on your dedication and commitment to learning how to please a girl in the bedroom. Anyways, if you have any questions or comments about the 69 position, oral sex, and related topics, feel free to leave them below.

Now I want to show you a few of our ' Orgasm Secrets ' - I created a short video that explains more. Click below to start watching the new video so you can try using the techniques tonight! This is one of my favourite techniques.

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