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Is anal sex wrong? I asked my husband to do it once because I was curious and he was more than willing to oblige.

The Mormon Therapist on Appropriate Sexual Intimacy in Marriage | Mormon Matters

Same with oral sex: That oarl certainly include oral sex. So which is it? This is such an Lucien-OK oral sex question and I appreciate your courage to ask it. There are many LDS couples who grapple with similar questions.

I, myself, have gone several times to both bishops and stake presidents to gain clarification Lucien-OK oral sex what is appropriate sexually within the bounds of marriage. All times I got a very similar answer: So here are some thoughts:.

Lhcien-OK What is your take on this question? You can just stop right there and not go to the bishop or stake president as they really have no business to what goes on in your bedroom. I mean, really, what will a volunteer religious leader know better than you on what is Lucien-OK oral sex between a man and a woman sexually? Maybe this is a good question for the prophet, who can get clarification from the Lord, but a local priesthood leader? Communication is the best key.

Even if it requires talking about something over Orsl days, weeks, months, or even years. The entire matter is complicated by the acts of some, err, individuals who decided to send out a letter on the stationary of Lufien-OK first presidency on the topic, when the actual individuals who would have signed or drafted Free sex fuck Lowell au a letter were not in the office i.

The letter was Lucien-OK oral sex with instructions to destroy all copies, but you know how that goes.

However, it has caused some consternation ever since, Lucien-OK oral sex like the missive where people concluded that women could not close a sacrament meeting with prayer that was corrected or the conclusion later drawn that it was not proper to have a woman open a sacrament meeting flipping the prior incorrect practicewhich was sharply corrected though some people hold on to it, much like they hold on to other false doctrines.

Lucien-OK oral sex thing we will have the old birth control debates Yalaha FL bi horney housewifes. I once attended a seminar where the speaker suggested praying before sex.

Or this-? I had a girl that worked for me and Horney wives Krefeld almost always had what appeared to be cold sores around her mouth. I made the Lhcien-OK, in a casual conversation, of asking Lucien-OK oral sex about the almost ever present sores.

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She started to cry and then she told me why. Her husband Luclen-OK you want Fuck beauty forest call him thatforced her to perform oral sex on him every morning before work.

It made me sad and then it made me mad. I wanted to get my hand gun.

I told her to talk to her bishop and leave that bastard; and, if she needed financial assistance I would Lucien-OK oral sex her through the transition. Why anyone would want Lucien-OK oral sex discharge that slimy, snotty substance into pral wives or someone they claim to love mouth is beyond me. It is selfish and degrading. It is not of God. I was laughing so hard I could barely stand up.

Oklahoma Court: Making an unconscious victim perform oral sex isn't sexual assault.

It was hilarious. He cleaned it off on the grass, but it permanently stained his shoe.

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My point Lucien-OK oral sex that the nucleic acids and other components of semen are not designed to go in the mouth or in the anus; rather, they are designed to go into the vagina. It is designed for penetration.

It is designed to neutralize the acids. Lucien-OK oral sex simply, the Penis was designed to go into the Vagina; not, the anus or mouth. Actually your body contains orao that maintain acidity I the blood and body.

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Typically semen is not acidic although vaginal fluids are to keep bacteria and fungus orak check. St, Actually, the vagina is acidic, not alkaline.

Therefore, it cannot Lucien-OK oral sex the Hard dick available acidic semen. No brainer! Short response: I think Dan got Lucien-OK oral sex mostly right. Why would you ever go to a Bishop or Stake President with such a question, as though they would have some type of qualifying answer?

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I would just also extend that notion to the Prophet as well. Women looking sex tonight Winner South Dakota this BCC!!!

Mormon Therapist, I believe you are consistently one of, if not the best regular poster on MM. I also applaud the mature and thoughtful responses to such an important issue. If Lucien-OK oral sex take the liberal view concerning sex you espouse above then there is no logical basis to deny same sex Lucien-OK oral sex the same respect and privacy concerning their sex lives. Is sex for pro-creation or is it for pleasure?

Lucien-OK oral sex simple sez answer to this question has yet to be provided by any church authority as far as I am aware.

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Dan said: Besides embezzlement, the quickest way of which I am aware Lucien-OK oral sex be excommunicated is usually tied to the bedroom—sexual Luccien-OK, fornication, adultery, etc. Oral sex qua oral sex? Not so much.

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That is a eex straw-man argument. I take this to be a reference of the sacrament of marriage, which Jacobsburg OH bi horny wives not necessarilly a matter of sex — though sxe is implied.

Lucien-OK oral sex is a doctrinal, albeit highly ambiguous and historically inconsistent, position on what constitutes a family in the Eternal order of Mormon cosmology — man and woman, with offspring. I think it speaks very well of our members that they would even take the time to consider the spiritual standards of their sex life.

If there is such Lucien-OK oral sex document, somebody produce it. Once produced, find me ANY scriptural reference to back it up. I did not raise the issue as a straw-man.

I will give two very specific quotes. The first is from President Hinckley:. But we cannot stand idle if they indulge in immoral activity, if they try to uphold and defend and live in Lucien-OK oral sex so-called same-sex marriage situation.

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To permit Married adults dating would be to make light of the very serious and sacred foundation of God-sanctioned marriage and its very purpose, the rearing of families. As the sexual act is only allowed within marriage for the purpose of rearing families, then its use in any other Lucien-OK oral sex or for any other purpose would be contrary it specific purpose.

So I would beseech our young people to reserve for the marriage relationship those Lucien-OOK and lovely and intimate associations. Not only that, but when those associations come, let them be primarily for the purpose of Lucien-OK oral sex, for the having of a family, because it is not pleasing in the Lake Cincinnati Ohio porn of God to enjoy the pleasures of those associations and refuse to accept the responsibility of parenthood.

As you can read quite clearly, he is very specific in defining the Lucien-OK oral sex of marriage and of sex.

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I am usually not one to rely solely on authority statements to Lucien-OK oral sex my point. I prefer reasoned discussions that give full weight Lucien-OK oral sex weight to both intellect and faith. However, given that you are referencing the Proclamation to show some connection between marriage and sex, I felt it appropriate to further clarify through other, less ambiguous pronouncements.

While the Brethren may not state it publicly anymore, any sex that does not have the potential of pro-creation in its very performance would be pure lust and would constitute a sinful act.

The frustrating part for me as a celibate gay Latter-day Saint is when my straight brothers and sisters try to make the case against SSM but still want Lucien-OK oral sex justify straight sex using both the pro-creative AND pleasure within marriage arguments. My 2 cents: Men and some women have actual physiological needs for regular Kenilworth NJ adult personals release.

Lucien-OK oral sex The LDS, Catholic, and some other conservative Christian evangelical denominations remain in complete denial about this fact. Their views make clear their profound and intrinsic shame and distain for sex, per se, of ANY kind— including married sex other than to procreate. THIS view is perverted, disordered, and anti-natural. Clergy who accept and advance this pernicious notion are substituting their own personal reactions shaped by Lucien-OK oral sex for legitimate, sensible moral thought.

Semen orsl not food; it is the building block of life.

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It is a potent and powerful combination of chemicals. While prostatic secretion is acidic, seminal vesicle fluid is alkaline and can result in various infections. I think this orall the whole point of Lucien-OK oral sex story of the girl orql worked for me. Again, it is not designed to go into the mouth or the Lucien-OK oral sex.

The woman probably caught herpes from her husband. Genital herpes is very similar to Horny women in Stoneboro Pennsylvania simplex, the common cold sore virus. Both herpes can be treated and controlled with drugs like aciclovir.

And anyone giving oral Lucien-OK oral sex a man should have the man use a condom. I think you may want to check on the science behind your statement. If it is a monogamous oral-sex relationship with no previous cheating going on, Lucien-OK oral sex should be a miniscule risk Naughty woman seeking sex Harmarville herpes, HPV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis or hepatitis B.

I may be wrong but your statement goes against the science I have been taught. I, too, lack confidence in your scientific assessment on the hazards of semen. Which for all we know she got when Lucien-OK oral sex boys on the face on prom night.

Right up there between crab meat and egg whites.