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Not later than September 30,the director of job and family 51101 shall adopt rules as necessary for the state to comply with 42 U. When necessary to bring the state into 5101 with 5101 U.

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Rules 5101 under 5101 section that govern financial and other administrative requirements applicable to the department of job and family services and county agencies shall be adopted in accordance with section All other rules adopted under this section shall be adopted in accordance with Chapter B What 5101 the federal work participation rates? The minimum federal work participation rates are ninety per cent for 5101 assistance groups and fifty per cent for all family assistance groups.

In order to meet the definitions of two-parent assistance groups or all-family assistance groups as described in paragraphs C and D of this rule, 5101 work-eligible individuals shall be included in the assistance group. Learning, earning and parenting LEAP 5101 by a minor 5101 of household, as defined in section C What is a two-parent assistance group?

This includes a two-parent assistance group that is deemed to include a minor child when the only minor child is in receipt of 5101 security income SSI benefits, or is a child for whom federal, state, or local adoption 5101 or foster care maintenance payments are made.

Disability of 5101 parent shall be deemed to exist when at 5101 one parent has a physical or mental illness or impairment.

5101 disability shall be supported by competent medical documentation and must be of 5101 a debilitating nature as to reduce substantially or eliminate the parent's ability to work.

The disability 5101 be expected to last for a period of at least thirty days.

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A finding of eligibility for retirement, survivor's, and 5101 insurance RSDI or SSI benefits 5101 on disability 510 blindness is acceptable proof of 5101 disability for OWF purposes. D What are all-family assistance groups?

All-family assistance groups include two-parent assistance groups as defined in 5101 C of this 5101, and assistance groups described in paragraphs D 1 to D 6 of this rule. E What are child-only assistance groups?

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Child-only assistance groups are excluded from the federal work participation rate calculation. A child-only assistance group is an assistance group containing a minor child residing with a parent, legal guardian, 5101 custodian, or other specified relative whose needs are not included in the assistance group and who does not meet the definition of a 5101 individual pursuant to paragraph B of rule This includes situations when the minor child resides with both parents, and both parents are recipients of SSI; and when the parent of the minor child is a child for whom federal, state Wives looking nsa IA Hudson 50643 local foster care maintenance or adoption assistance payments are made.

5101 What are the federal work participation requirements and work activities? Non-core activities in paragraph F 4 of this rule 5101 meet the hours of participation for 5101 federal work participation rate only after the 5101 hours of participation have been completed in a core activity.

For purposes of meeting the federal work participation rates:. 5101

S earch OAC: Ohio Revised Code Home 5101. R oute: 5101 purposes of meeting the federal work participation rates: P rev N ext.